Add Pre-Filled Forms to Client Record

Add Pre-Filled Forms to Client Record

One way To add a pre-filled forms to the client record is to first add a Forms section to the anatomy area. Go to the RxPhoto website at Click the administration tab. Then click custom anatomy areas and sequences. Click create Anatomy list. In the new body part list name, type Forms. Click OK. Scroll down to find the Forms section we just created. Click the plus button to add sub sections for this workaround forms area. Whatever names we create here will be searchable in our mobile app so we can upload pre-filled forms to the client record. We'll create Intake forms, medical history, charting forms, and consent forms.

Now on the mobile app, when we go into the client's record and tap the capture tab at the bottom left. We're going to capture a photo of the paper form that's been filled out by the client. So scroll down to get to your new section Forms section, tap it to see the areas you created on the website. Tap intake form. Then move your device to capture the filled out form. Take the photo. Then tap Save at the top right and you'll see the form upload to the client record. When it's finished uploading you'll see a thumbnail of the form next to the name and today's updated date. To see the forms uploaded in this way, go to the Photos section of the client's record by tapping the photos tab. You'll see the form thumbnail we just uploaded under today's date. To just see only the captured forms, tap All Photos at the top, and under 'Filter Photos by' tap Area of Anatomy, then tap Intake Form, then tap apply. And only those form photos will be displayed.  


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