Customize the Procedure List

Customize the Procedure List

To edit or customize your procedure list for annotating photos, login to and click the Administration tab. Scroll down and click Patient Photo Injection and Annotation. Here there are three tabs: Default, Custom and Archived. The default treatments come standard in the app. Custom treatments are treatments that have been added to your account. And archived are treatments that have been removed from view. To remove any of the default treatments from view, select the treatment, and on the right side toggle the show in treatment tracker to off. Then click Save Changes. Repeat these steps for each of the default treatments you'd like to remove. To add a treatment, click custom, then click the plus button (Create Treatment Product). Add a name. type of product, the manufacturer, and whether the product is measured in milliliters or simply units. Click Save and the new product will be added to your procedure list here and on your mobile device in alphabetical order by name.

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