Form Statuses - Detailed

Form Statuses - Detailed

From the client list, swipe left on one of your clients and choose forms. Tap the Client Library tab. This list contains the forms associated with this client and we can see a a variety of statuses for each of the forms. The first form has a status of Client Submitted with a yellow dot. This means the client either filled out the form in Kiosk mode or submitted the form via RxPortal. The next form has a status of Incomplete with a purple dot. Marking the form with an incomplete status is a method to save a draft of future treatments or consultations that can be returned to at a later time. These forms are editable and can stay in an incomplete status indefinitely. Completed forms have a green dot. Notice that these forms can only be viewed or shared via RxPortal with your client. Forms marked as complete can no longer be edited. Scrolling down, forms with a red dot have a status, Director Review. For practices with medical directors, this status makes it easy for them to filter, check form and sign if necessary. See the video, Filter by Form Status for Medical Directors for more details. Another status is Supervisor Review. This is for practices that require a supervisor to review a chart before treatment. And finally, there's Submission Pending. This status means that the form was sent to the client via RxPortal and the client has yet to complete and send it back to the practice. If it's been awhile since the form was sent to the client, you may want to send a reminder message through RxPortal. See the RxPortal video, Sending Messages, for more details. 

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