Grainy Photos on iPad

Grainy Photos on iPad

When images appear grainy on client photos captured on the iPad, the most likely cause is that the iPad is using Digital Zoom. While the iPhone support Optical Zoom, which is how digital point-at-shoot cameras work, most iPads can only support Digital Zoom. Digital Zoom essentially take the image in the ViewFinder and crops it, causing loss of quality. See "Best Practice in Capturing Before & After Photos" for more details on Digital vs. Optical Zoom.

How to Fix Capturing Grainy Photos

1. Log in to the RxPhoto Mobile App on your device (iPhone/iPad).
2. Access RxPhoto Settings by pressing on the gear icon on the top left of the Client List.

3. Toggle "ViewFinder Default 2x Zoom" to the off position.

4. Press "Done" to return to the Client List.

Note: When capturing client photos on the iPad, it is best to physically move closer to the client to align the client with the on-screen guides to preserve image quality. Due to the iPad's Digital Zoom, using fingers to pinch to zoom in will also hurt the quality of photos captured on the iPad.

iPhone vs. iPad

For best image results, keep "ViewFinder Default  2x Zoom" in the on position on iPhones, and off position for iPads:

For a more detailed explanation of Digital vs. Optical Zoom, see "Understanding Optical Zoom: Better Patient Close-Ups Using Your Mobile Device."

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