How to Print a Form

How to Print a Form

You can also print directly from the RxPhoto app. Choose the form you want to print. In this case, a blank form. Tap the ellipsis at the top right. And choose Export. Tap proceed, and then choose Print. You see a preview of the form and then select a printer. Choose how many copies. And then tap Print at the top right. This same method is true for forms in the client's library. Choose the form. Ellipsis. Export. Proceed and Print. You can choose to print all the pages, a range of pages or just one page. 

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      For the Doctor After the client submits a form, the status of the form changes to Client Submitted. Now the doctor can review the answers. By tapping on the ellipsis at the top right of the screen, the doctor can change the form status to Complete. ...
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