Merge Two Client Records

Merge Two Client Records

Sometimes providers need to merge two client records. Although RxPhoto alerts you if you enter an already-existing client, if a name is accidentally misspelled or a date of birth is entered incorrectly, RxPhoto will consider it a novel client. In this instance, it may be necessary to merge two Client Records into one.

You can merge duplicate client on the  RxPhoto Website . To do so, you will transfer photos from one of the duplicate records into the other, and then archive the record that no longer has any photos.

Transfer Photos from one Duplicate to the Other

1. Log in to the  RxPhoto Website  from any computer browser.
2. Navigate to one of the duplicate records and click on the client name to enter the record.

3. Select the photos to transfer (note: after selecting one photo, the option appears to "Select All.")

4. Click on the "Transfer" button on the bottom right of the screen.

5. Type the name of the client in the pop-up to find the duplicate record.

6. Click on the appropriate name.
7. Click "Confirm."

Confirm Photo Transfer Was Successful

1. Go back to the Client List by clicking on "Clients" at the top of the screen.

2. Search the client name.

3. Open each client record to confirm that the correct record contains all photos. Confirm that the incorrect record contains no photos.

Archive a Client Record

1. Click on the three dots on the right side of the client's name from the Client List on the  RxPhoto Website.
2. Click "Archive."

Congratulations! You have now "merged" your duplicate patient!

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