Form Builder Layout

Form Builder Layout

The RxPhoto Form Builder on the RxPhoto Website has undergone a few layout changes, which is necessary to make way for further improvement on the RxPhoto Form Builder in the future.

Watch the New Forms Tutorial Here - With Chapters

Main Layout Change

Form Fields have been moved to left side of the screen, while Field Properties are now on the right side of the screen. The form will appear in the center of the screen as it is being built.

New Feature

Now fields may be marked as required! No more missing signatures or other information accidentally skipped or left unfilled!

More Details 

The video at the link below goes over all details of the new RxPhoto Form Builder layout. This video is divided into Chapters for easy navigation to relevant information. Watch the whole thing at once or skip to a specific Chapter. 

To skip to a specific Chapter, simply click on the menu on the bottom right of the video player:

Watch the New Forms Tutorial Here - With Chapters!

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