New! Practice Scheduler and Appointment History

New! Practice Scheduler and Appointment History

AestheticNOW integrated RxPhoto accounts are now able to access their Practice Scheduler and Appointment History directly from the RxPhoto Mobile App on the device (iPhone/iPad). With the integration, staff can manage their providers' schedules and clients' appointments from either the AestheticNOW Website, or directly inside the RxPhoto Mobile App on the device (iPhone/iPad).

For Providers:
  1. View their upcoming schedule on their iPhone/iPad from anywhere at anytime.
  2. Schedule a client's next appointment without leaving the exam room.
  3. See all past and future appointments for any client.
For Staff:
  1. Manage the scheduler and client appointments from either the desktop or mobile device (iPhone/iPad)
    1. Book appointments
    2. Manage appointment status and details
    3. View past and future appointments per client

If interested in the AestheticNOW/RxPhoto integration, please email to request a meeting.

Access the Scheduler and Appointment History

The Scheduler and Appointment History options can be found on the Client's Face Sheet under the "Practice" tab.

Appointment History View

In the Appointment History View, users can:
  1. View all past and future appointments for the client. Details include:
    1. The Provider
    2. Appointment Type
    3. Services
    4. Appointment status
    5. Confirmation status

  1. Create a new appointment.

  1. Make changes to the appointment details including:
    1. Confirm appointments
    2. Manage appointment status
    3. Turn on/off automatic email and/or text reminders
    4. Change room
    5. Add or edit notes

Scheduler View

In the Scheduler View, users can:
  1. View a single provider's schedule.

  1. View the whole practices' schedule or a select group of  providers' schedules.

  1. Create and edit appointments.


Access to the AestheticNOW Scheduler and Appointment History features inside RxPhoto means no more switching back and forth between platforms. See the daily schedule on any phone, iPad or desktop. Create and manage appointments from anywhere, anytime. With the AestheticNOW integration, Scheduling has become a simpler, more streamlined process for the entire practice.

Available Scheduling and Appointment History features on the RxPhoto Mobile App:
  1. View entire practice schedule, individual provider schedule, or specific group of providers' schedules.
  2. Book and edit appointments.
  3. View and edit all previous and upcoming appointments for any client.
  4. Manage appointment status and confirm appointments.
  5. Turn on/off SMS and Email appointment reminders to client.
If interested in the AestheticNOW/RxPhoto integration, please email to request a meeting.

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