PatientNow Integration Setup

PatientNow Integration Setup

PatientNow Setup

PatientNow Version

Please ensure that you are running PatientNow version 7.0.213 or higher. You may find the version number under the “i” icon in the top left corner of the PatientNow Windows Client screen:

Access Rights to RxForms

With PatientNow v.7.0.213, practice’s will have a new Access Right which allows their users to log in to RxPhoto using the integration. 

  1. Find Access Rights in Admin > Users/Roles > Roles > Access Rights

  2. New Access Right: Patient - Patient Documents - RxForms

Suggested setup:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users/Roles > Roles > TABS > Access Rights

  2. Ensure that Patient - Patient Documents - RxForms is checked.

Note: Any roles that already have rights to Patients - Patient Documents will automatically gain access to Patient Documents - RxForms, and therefore be able to log in to RxPhoto. This access may be removed by the practice if desired.

For more on Access Rights, see Adding or Disabling a User.

Tab Setup

The RxForms tab will automatically be added to Admin > Users/Roles > Patient Document Views. However, to have the ability to view the RxForms tab, it must be added to the Tabs role to allow all users with Tabs role enabled to access it.

For more on Tabs setup, see Patient Documents Tabs Configuration.

Document Types

Under the RxForms tab are two document types:

  • RX Documents

  • RX Images

Any RxPhoto Forms pushed to PatientNow will automatically be assigned the document type RX Documents and are stored as .PDFs.

Any RxPhoto Photos pushed to PatientNow will automatically be assigned the document type RX Images and are stored as .JPEGs.