What is QuickSnap?

What is QuickSnap?

RxPhoto offers a QuckSnap option that allows providers to capture photos using grid lines rather than on-screen guides. The QuickSnap option is useful for capturing photos that don't fit into your standard anatomy areas.

The QuickSnap option can be found from the Capture Portion of the Client Record.

Access QuickSnap

1. Navigate to the Capture Portion of the Client Record on the RxPhoto Mobile App on the device (iPhone/iPad). See Quick Actions for details.

2. Press the "QuickSnap" icon on the top right of the Capture Sequence list.

Use QuickSnap

1. Align the client using grid lines provided.

2. Capture photos and save as usual.

3. The photo will appear in the Photos Section of the Client Record under the label "QuickSnap." Photos captured in QuickSnap are catalogued by Client and Date along with all other photos associated with the Client Record.

To change the anatomy area label of a QuickSnap image, edit the image on the RxPhoto Website.