Basic Mobile App Troubleshooting

Basic Mobile App Troubleshooting

With the great many advantages that our smart phone and smart tablet technologies have brought, occasionally things can go wrong. Because RxPhoto has become an integral part of running your practice and managing your aesthetic clients, we understand that on those rare occasions when problems arise, you need to get it back on track as soon as possible. This article will go over some basic troubleshooting strategies. These are the first few things you should try if you are having any difficulty with your RxPhoto app.

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Log Out and Log Back In

It may seem overly simple, but sometimes simply logging out and logging back in is enough of a reset for the system to work properly again. Follow the steps below to log yourself out:

1. Press on the gear icon in the top left corner of your Client List screen.

2. Press on the "Log Out" button in the pop-up.

3. Log back in with your preferred log in method (PIN code, touch ID, face ID, etc.)

Force Close and ReOpen

If logging out and logging back in does not fix your problem, the next strategy is to force close and reopen the RxPhoto app. Follow the steps below.

1. Double click the iPad "Home" button to view all your open apps (swipe from bottom up on iPhone).

2. Swipe away RxPhoto with your finger.

3. Reopen RxPhoto.

4. Log back in with your preferred log in method (PIN code, touch ID, face ID, etc.)

Uninstall and Reinstall RxPhoto

If logging out and force closing the RxPhoto app do not solve your problem, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling the RxPhoto app. Sometimes RxPhoto is notified of a bug and must make small adjustments to eliminate the bug. In this case, an update will be sent out. If you do not have update notifications enabled, you could potentially miss one of these updates. Uninstalling and reinstalling RxPhoto from the app store would update your app to the most recent version with the most recent bug fixes.

Uninstall RxPhoto

1. Hold down the RxPhoto app icon until all the icons jiggle.
2. Press on the "x" on the top left corner of the RxPhoto icon to delete the app.

3. Press "Delete" to confirm the uninstall.

To Reinstall

1. Go to the Apple App Store.
2. Search for "RxPhoto."
3. Press the download icon next to the RxPhoto icon.

4. When it has finished installing, press "OPEN."

Please note that the first time you click on a client record, the RxPhoto app will need to install the templates again. This will only happen once.

Restart Device (iPhone/iPad)

Restart iPhone

1. Hold down the power button and volume up button until the power off screen appears.

2. Slide the power button icon to the right to shut down the iPhone.
3. Hold the power button down to restart iPhone.

Restart iPad

1. Hold down the power button until the power off screen appears.

2. Slide the power button icon to the right to shut down the iPad.
3. Hold the power button down to restart the iPad.

User Troubleshooting

If a particular user or sign in is having a problem, it may be necessary to troubleshoot the individual username. The first step is logging out and logging back in. For instructions, click on "Log Out and Log Back In" under the Table of Contents at the top of this page.

The next step is to delete and re-add the user.

Delete User

1. Toward the bottom of the "Enter your PIN" screen, press "Switch Accounts/Trouble Signing In" button and select "Sign in with different account."

2. Press the "REMOVE USER" button.

3. Press the "x" next to the username to be removed.

4. Press "Yes" to confirm the removal.

5. Press "Done" when finished removing users.

Re-Add User

1.  Press the "Add User" button.

2. Log in with the RxPhoto username and password. Please note that the password is not the same as the PIN code. The password is what is used to sign in to the RxPhoto website on a computer browser. For a forgotten password, please see "Reset Password" for further instructions.

Contact Support

If none of the above strategies have resolved your problem, you may email RxPhoto's support team at


There are some basic troubleshooting strategies that you may use should you experience a problem in the RxPhoto app. These are the first four things the RxPhoto support team would have you try:

  1. Log out and log back in.
  2. Force close and reopen.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall.
  4. Remove user and log back in.
Otherwise you may contact support at and we will address your concerns.