"Please turn on Wi-Fi or enable cellular data for RxPhoto" Alert

"Please turn on Wi-Fi or enable cellular data for RxPhoto" Alert

RxPhoto requires internet connection to securely login and access RxPhoto features and client records stored in the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud server. There are two ways that a device may access the internet: Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. 

If the "Please turn on Wi-Fi or enable cellular data for RxPhoto" alert appears, the device is not connected via Wi-Fi, and Cellular Data mode in RxPhoto has not been turned on. Please check the device's Wi-Fi connection, or enable Cellular Data mode for RxPhoto (jump to "Enable Cellular Data for RxPhoto). 

Note: The "Please turn on Wi-Fi or enable cellular data for RxPhoto" alert will never appear on a device that does not have Cellular Data functionality (for instance, iPads that are Wi-Fi only.)

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Turn on WiFi

1. Open device settings.

2. Press on "Wi-Fi."

3. Ensure that Wi-Fi is in the on position. 
4. If Wi-Fi is in the off position, press toggle to turn Wi-Fi on.

5. The device will automatically connect to any saved networks.

To Choose a Different Network

1. Press on the appropriate Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks shown on the device.

2. Enter the appropriate network password if prompted.

3. Press "Join" when finished.

4. A check mark next to the network name indicates that the device is connected to that Wi-Fi network.

Enable Cellular Data for RxPhoto

1. Open device settings.

2. Scroll down to view a list of the device's applications.
3. Press on "RxPhoto."

4. Press the toggle next to "Cellular Data" to move it to the on position, enabling Cellular Data for RxPhoto.

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