First Login to RxPhoto

First Login to RxPhoto

The first time logging in to the RxPhoto app, four things will be slightly different than all subsequent logins: 
  1. Username and password required to log in
  2. App into screens
  3. Create PIN code
  4. Retrieve Templates
This article will walk you through what you will encounter on your first RxPhoto login. Note that you will go through this process for your first login on each unique device.

First Login   

iPad or iPhone


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First Login on the RxPhoto App

1. The first time logging in to the RxPhoto App requires using the username and password associated with the user. (For a third party software integration, see  "Log In Using Your RxPhoto Technology Partner Integration (e.g. EMR/Scheduler).)  The username and password were either provided by the RxPhoto team via email or by the office administrator. (See  "Team Member Logins and How to Add or Delete a Team Member's Login"  for details.)
2. Type in the username and password then press "Log In."

2. A series of 5 app intro screens will illustrate some important features of the RxPhoto Mobile App. After navigating through the 5 screens,  press on "Get Started" on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

3. A prompt to create a PIN code will appear. A PIN code is simply a 4-digit code that allows for faster logging in rather than typing in the username and password every time. PIN codes are unique to device and to user. Users may use the same PIN on each device, but each user should have a unique PIN code. Users will have to set their PIN on each unique device.

4. Type in a 4-digit PIN code that will be easy to remember. Confirm the chosen PIN when prompted.

5. After creating a PIN, the client list will only have one client named "Client, Female," created by RxPhoto as a sample, This list is where all future clients added will appear.

Your initial client list will look like this:

Over time, as you add more clients, your client list will begin to look something like this:

6. Press on your sample client, "Client, Female." You will see a pie chart-looking icon that says, "Retrieving templates '#'/246 please wait..." This will  only  happen upon your first login on your device. You will  not  have to wait through this process every time you press on a client name.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start using RxPhoto for all your aesthetic needs!

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