Form Statuses Available for Providers

Form Statuses Available for Providers

There are four form statuses build in to RxPhoto that providers may choose from after filling out a form, or when changing a form status on a client submitted form (via RxPortal or Kiosk Mode.) The form status options are:

  1. Incomplete
  2. Review - Supervisor
  3. Review - Director
  4. Complete

Please see an explanation of all form statuses below.


The "Incomplete" status allows providers to mark a form as incomplete so that they may return to it at a later time/date to edit or finish filling out the form.

Review - Supervisor

The "Review - Supervisor" status is for any practice that requires a supervisor/physician to review charts filled out by other staff members (ie. front desk staff, nurse injectors, medical assistants, etc.)

Review - Director

The "Review - Director" status is for practices that require Medical Directors to review their charting.


The "Complete" status are for forms that are complete and do not need to be edited or finished at a later time/date. Once a form is marked "Complete" it is locked in place and may not be edited further. A completed form may be viewed, but not edited, signed or re-submitted.

For more details on Form Statuses see "Form Statuses - Detailed."

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