Log In to RxPhoto After Deactivating an Integration with a 3rd Party Technology Partner

Log In to RxPhoto After Deactivating an Integration with a 3rd Party Technology Partner

After deactivating an integration with one of RxPhoto's 3rd party technology partners, users must re-add themselves in order to login with their RxPhoto credentials without the integration.

Logging in to RxPhoto After Integration Deactivation

Delete User

1. Toward the bottom of the "Enter your PIN" screen, press "Switch Accounts/Trouble Signing In" button and select "Sign in with different account."

2. Press the "REMOVE USER" button.

3. Press the "x" next to the username to be removed.

4. Press "Yes" to confirm the removal.

5. Press "Done" when finished removing users.

Re-Add User

1.  Press the "Add User" button.

2. Log in with the RxPhoto username and password. Please note that the password is not the same as the PIN code. The password is what is used to sign in to the RxPhoto website on a computer browser. For a forgotten password, please see "Reset Password" for further instructions.

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