New! RxPhoto Updated Image Editing

New! RxPhoto Updated Image Editing

As of December 22nd, 2021, RxPhoto has released new editing tools. Drawing and annotating, image enhancement, background removal, cropping, rotating and more is now available directly from the RxPhoto Mobile App on the Device (iPhone/iPad). Even more, RxPhoto's new color picker tool allows providers to help their client visualize their expected results. 

Drawing and Annotating

Custom Colors

Drawing and annotating photos now allows for custom colors to be used. To learn more, see New! Custom Colors.

Visualizing Results

In additional to custom colors, RxPhoto allows for color picking, which can be used to help clients visualize their expected results. This feature works best on treatments that will result in a change of mass. For instance, rhinoplasties to remove nose bumps, submental treatments such as Kybella, or body contouring work. To learn more see New! Visualize Expected Results.

Image Enhancement Tools

Image enhancement features now live within the RxPhoto editing section. Enhancement tools include:

  1. Auto Adjust
  2. Sharpen
  3. Unsharpen
  4. Background Removal (See New! Background Removal for details)
To learn more, see New! Image Enhancement.

Cropping and Rotating

Images may be cropped and rotated. RxPhoto preloads standard cropping ratios as well as allows for custom cropping. Additionally, images may be rotated in 90 degree increments, or anywhere in between. To learn more, see New! Cropping and Rotating.

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