Use the Education Center

Use the Education Center

The Education Center (currently only available when logged in on an iPad) is a valuable tool to help educate your client at the point of sale. RxPhoto provides content, including before and after photos and videos, directly from the manufacturer for all the most popular treatment options. This includes (but is not limited to):
  1. Belotero
  2. Botox
  3. Coolsculpting
  4. EmSculpt
  5. Exilis
  6. Gentle Pro
  7. HydraFacial
  8. Icon
  9. Juvederm
  10. Kybella
  11. PicoSure
  12. PicoWay
  13. Profound
  14. Restylane
  15. SculpSure
  16. SkinTyte
  17. TempSure
  18. UltraShape
  19. Vanquish
to name a few.

If there are treatments here that you do not do in your practice you may remove them on the  RxPhoto Website   (see  "Customize the Education Center"  for details),   and you may also add your own content if there is anything you do that is not included in the content RxPhoto provides for you.

Video Tutorial

As you go through this article, you may expand the screenshots by clicking on the image you would like to expand.

Where to Find the Education Center

When you log in to the RxPhoto app you are taken to your client list. At the bottom of that screen you will see "Consultation Center" in green. Press on that button to navigate to the Education Center:

At the top of this screen you will see that you are under the "Education" tab, with a list of all the content available for you to use.

Viewing Content

To view the content in a particular treatment, simply press on the treatment you'd like to view and you will see several thumbnails underneath that you may choose from. In the screenshot below, Botox was selected:

To view the thumbnail larger, simply press on the image you would like to see, and the full sized image will be displayed on the right. Note: holding your iPad horizontally makes the images larger and easy to see:

How Providers Use the Education Center

Providers find the Education Center useful to educate their clients at the point of care and help control expectation management. For instance, if a client comes in and is interested in SculpSure, they may have questions about the process: what results they can expect, how it works, how it feels, etc. You may go through the content provided to show them SculpSure before and after photos, as well as educational videos about what they can expect. See the video tutorial at the beginning of this article for details.


RxPhoto provides you with content that you can use to educate your clients and manage their expectations on a treatment. The Education Center is also fully customizable on the RxPhoto website, so that you can streamline your content to only include content that is useful for your practice. You may remove content provided by RxPhoto and add your own content as you wish. As your practice grows, if you start to provide new treatments, you are always able to update your Education Center to reflect the services you provide to your clients.

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