RxPortal - Overview List of Tutorials

RxPortal - Overview List of Tutorials

For the Doctor                                            

Doctor's Tutorials
  1. Inviting a Client to RxPortal
  2. Sharing Forms with Client
  3. Submission Pending Status
  4. Sharing a Completed Form with the Client
  5. Photo Uploaded by the Client
  6. Sharing Reports from the App
  7. Sharing Reports from the Website
  8. Sending Messages to Client
  9. Doctor Video Calling Client
  10. Setting up Availability in Scheduler
  11. Setting up Unavailability in Scheduler
  12. Setting up Services in Scheduler
  13. Scheduling and Canceling Appointments
  14. Reviewing Call History
  15. Notifications for Doctor

For the Client                                              

Client's Tutorials

  1. Invitation Email and Temporary Password
  2. Invitation Text SMS and Temporary Password
  3. First Login
  4. Requesting Client's Phone Number
  5. Covid-19 Assessment Tool
  6. Submitting a Form
  7. Viewing Completed Forms
  8. Uploading Photos/Videos via RxPortal
  9. Reviewing Reports
  10. Client Answers Messages from Doctor
  11. Client Answering Video Call
  12. My Appointments Screen in RxPortal

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